...Why use a Regional Center when making EB-5 investments?


The principal advantage of the Regional Center Program is that investors may rely on indirect employment (Indirect jobs refer to jobs gained by business and construction expenditures and are calculated using statistically valid forecasting models) and/or direct employment such as hiring full time employees.


By investing in a Regional Center program, investors do not have to create 10 jobs directly because jobs can be created either directly and/or indirectly. This results in the ability to pool larger groups of investors to fund more capital intense projects. Ninety percent of all EB-5 immigrants invest through a Regional Center.

Regional Centers have been thoroughly vetted by U.S. government and have to demonstrate their ability and knowledge on executing their EB-5 investment projects successfully. 

The EB-5 Visa process can be complex and confusing. Regional Centers commit themselves to assist each investor and their attorney throughout the green card petition process. In addition to answering questions throughout the process, they help each investor gather and prepare documentation in support of the necessary petitions.

Regional Centers also provide a list to each investor of highly qualified immigration attorneys who have worked closely with the USCIS. These attorneys and Regional Centers provide a seamless transaction for the investor from project selections to obtaining a permanent green card.